Risky Business

When I started doing site selection almost ten years ago, it was a new concept in Canada.  As a pioneer, not only was I explaining what the service was to potential folks who could benefit, I was [...]

Who knew?

Who knew that when you are allergic to feathers, it is actually the dander of the bird that you are actually allergic to. Similar to being allergic to a dog, it is not the hair, it is the dander [...]

Where Am I?

Hail to this destination for inspiring the original version of the board game Monopoly.  This Atlantic coastal destination is know for its boardwalk, resorts and ability to host international [...]

Start The Car!

Being patient while you are waiting for something exciting to happen is very hard.  This year waiting for spring has been a true test of character for all of us!  Last fall I planted a hundred [...]

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