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Without contracts or costs, we commit to your success, one meeting at a time.

When I started doing site selection almost ten years ago, it was a new concept in Canada.  As a pioneer, not only was I explaining what the service was to potential folks who could benefit, I was also explaining the concept to hoteliers from coast to coast.

In the United States, hoteliers and clients alike were mutually benefiting from site selection because it was one more step to ensure everyone ‘understood’ what was in the contract.  The most value we provide is helping folks understand what level of risk they are accepting.

The long and short is:  hotels are not obligated to explain what you are signing.  They should take more interest that you understand the details as it would save them a lot of grief after an event when there are issues to resolve, but time does not permit this to happen.  Plus hotels do not feel it is their responsibility.  Many sales folks send over contracts in hopes that you don’t question the contents as they are afraid of the discussions to clarify details because often they don’t quite understand the intricacy of a clause themselves.

The hoteliers who love working with us know we save them time.  We make sure the meeting planner is fully versed on what they are signing and so there are no surprises after, which makes everyone very happy.

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