Who Knew?

Who Knew that in 1784, Benjamin Franklin, on a visit to France, first proposed Daylight Savings Time as a way to reduce the usage of candles.  Germany was the first to adopt DST in April 1916, [...]

101 Tips: VIP Transfers

In the spirit of timeliness, I thought we would discuss the topic of airport transfers because that is what I am working on today.The transfer from the airport to the hotel can be as varied as [...]

Where Am I? Revealed

Congratulations to everyone who guessed that Lisa and I were in Calgary visiting our fur-rend Harvey the Hound. This famous mascot had his tongue ripped out by the rival Edmonton Oilers coach [...]

All In Good Time…

Waiting two minutes to see a loved one who you haven’t seen in months, and the two minute window for either catching or missing a flight, is the same measurement of time and yet very [...]

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