Who Knew?

Who Knew that on average we have 184 taste buds per square centimeter on our tongue (50% of the population).  Folks with an enhanced sense of taste have 425 taste buds per square centimeter and [...]

101 Tips: Resort Fees

In keeping with the theme of resorts and sunny destinations, there are fees that are often associated with full service venues. The fee is usually described as covering amenities such: internet [...]

Where Am I? Revealed

Congratulations to Michelle and Karri for correctly answering last month’s ‘Where Am I’ destination.  Yes, I was in Montreal just outside of the Olympic Park.  In a few weeks, [...]

Get a Grip!

Each new year comes with a blank slate and the promise of greatness. This year is poised to be better than ever as we rang it in for the first time ever while standing on a beach with sand [...]

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