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Desmond Lomas

Needless to say, the pandemic has given business events professionals time to think.  It is so easy and justified to throw ourselves a pity-party.  We are grieving as our industry has been devastated.    

Here are my Top 5 ways of help you get out of the COVID-19 funk:

  1. What is that thing you always wanted to try?  Maybe now is the time to explore it. Whether work related or not, explore what bring you joy. 
  2. Is there a business project you wanted to get off the ground?  Perhaps now is the time to do the business plan. You likely have more time to think and strategize.  Great innovations have often come during a time of deep chaos.  
  3. Take some on-line courses for professional and personal improvement. Progress in our lives and careers is hardwired into our DNA.  At this time our work is not the most inspirational and perhaps feels like we are ‘treading water’.  By learning new skills, you will feel like your career is advancing.
  4. Mentor young professionals or students.  Now more than ever, helping someone else will be forever appreciated. The ROI to helping others is exponentially a great return.   
  5. Give your industry contacts and friends a call.  They probably miss you and will appreciate the call! We are an industry of connections and the spark has fizzled a bit.  Be the spark to reconnect!  
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