FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical profile of customer who uses your services?

A typical Howes Group customer is a busy meeting planner or executive who learns about who we are, often by a referral, and then entrust us to represent and advocate for them in the marketplace.

How is The Howes Group paid?

We are paid a commission by the selected hotels and resort.

But doesn’t it cost more to use a service like yours?

The hotel business is very competitive; hotels are more interested in getting your business than they are concerned about paying a commission to our company. These hotels know that there are many other service providers just like them in the marketplace, they therefore provide the best rates without regard to any fees or commissions.

Do you have access to hotel value dates or other special offers?

Yes, hotels email us on a regular basis — often with exclusive offers that we can deliver to our clients.

Can I use your services and still search for hotels myself?

Of course, but if you are using our services, it is in your best interest to let us make the initial contact with any properties under consideration. From that point on you should feel comfortable contacting any of these hotels whenever you like. Before we begin with our proprietary search technology, you should tell us about any properties that have already been contacted.

Do I need to have The Howes Group under contract or on retainer?

There are no contracts.  We earn your business, one booking at a time.  At any time in the process, you can decide to end the relationship, with no strings attached.

Can I contact you whenever I have a meeting to schedule – even on short notice?

If you have a program to plan next week, next month or next year, we are at your service. If your program is around the corner from your office, across the country or around the world, we are here to help. You find the perfect venue

How is The Howes Group different from meeting planning or incentive companies?

The two principles that The Howes Group work from are ‘fair’ and ‘logical’.  As a top producing firm, we respect our client’s business by maintaining a neutral approach to site selection.  We do not have agreements with preferred hotels as this does not present a balanced review for our clients.  We have tremendous relationships with all the major brands and independent hotels simply from the amount of business that we book annually.

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