Who Knew?

Who knew that 11% of people worldwide are left handed! August 13th, has been named the official day to celebrate our unique 11%. We have 37.5% lefties on THG team!  To read more about [...]

Where Am I?

Where Am I?  Standing beside ‘Mishell The Mermaid’ on this coastal bay inspired a pose.  These wonderful sirens were originally created as a fundraiser for Easter Seals and now dot [...]

Show Me The Money!

For almost ten years, I have been helping folks navigate their way through the site selection process in Canada.  A lot has changed in this short amount of time and even more so in the last five [...]

Who Knew?

Who knew that men tend to be more demanding on hotel room colour than women!  According to a recent study, it seems men have more feedback on the room colour which room designers are taking note [...]

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