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Five Key Tips To Convert The Business:
1.  Tailor your sites to the client
2.  Listen to the client and understand their needs
3.  Be innovative
4.  Demonstrate passion
5.  Involve the rest of your team in preparing for the site inspections and come up with creative ways to engage the client.I think everyone can agree it is competitive out there.  Ok, yes it’s always been competitive but now more so than ever.

One of the ways that you can really differentiate yourself from your competitors is by wowing the client at the site inspection.  So many hoteliers have their standard site inspection routine that they roll out for every client, however all clients are different – so why the same site inspection for all of them?  Tailor your sites to the client instead.

Remember there is a good chance that the clients are doing sites at other properties too and sites can get pretty darn boring if they are all the same.  Tailoring your site inspection to the client has the following benefits:

  • It tells your client that you really want their business because of the time and effort you have put into planning the site inspection.
  • It reminds your client that you understand who they are and what they stand for – which means you will best be able to take care of their group.
  • The client will still remember your site inspection when they return to their office.
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