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Each new year comes with a blank slate and the promise of greatness. This year is poised to be better than ever as we rang it in for the first time ever while standing on a beach with sand beneath our toes, watching a spectacular fireworks extravaganza. Now that we’ve done it once, it feels as though we are forever changed. Like staying in a world-class, five star hotel, it is hard to go back to limited service as you now know the difference! Of all years to have a brief reprieve of Ole’ Man Winter, hearing for the first time the words ‘arctic vortex’ from the warm climate, sure made the two day journey worth every mile.

All was going swimmingly well until we began preparing to depart. Due to my commitments, I was scheduled to fly back while the rest of my family was looking forward to the two day return drive. Routine had me check in online the night before to find all was fine. However, overnight everything changed. By morning, travel in North America had essentially halted creating a global situation but most importantly, all of this was affecting my ‘sunny’ world. Was it destiny for us to stay longer in this paradise? Sadly – no. Within moments, a decision was made that I would join the ‘boyz’ and make the return drive back. Thankfully my airline ticket was completely refunded which eased the pain somewhat and gave me a budget for road trip snacks.

How often for our work have we been in ‘travel hell’ with such things as flight delays, cancellations, bumped flights or mechanical issues? It happens and we simply ‘get a grip’ and carry on. Even the three hour detour to avoid the ‘lake effect’ storm which closed the interstate and the US/Canada bridge wasn’t enough to ruin our first family vacation in years. While weary upon arrival, if you asked us even right there and then, we’d do it all over again for a brief escape to paradise.

Tell us about your misadventure travel stories. We’d love to hear them and offer you our sympathy and empathy. Cheers to the new year and to you arriving safely at every destination you set your course to this year!

Timely yours, Brenda

PS. If you’re in the market for boot grips to avoid slipping on ice click here. It seems it is going to be that kind of winter from coast to coast!

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