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Howes 101After a few days of staying in lovely hotels, it can be a harsh reality when someone hasn’t put a card on the bed to tell you what the weather will be the next day or you don’t find a chocolate placed on your pillow.

Turn down service is a very nice touch after a busy day. To have extra drinking water, ice in a bucket and the room awaiting your return is always appreciated.

Turn down service as we know, is not offered by all hotels or even all rooms in hotels who do provide the service. This ‘extra amenity’ is reserved for the executive floors within a hotel. With it being exclusive, it is something to consider for your VIPs or President as you assign the rooms within your block or even for you – the meeting planner. There is nothing better than being able to place your tired feet in a tub filled with ice after a long day on ‘the floor’ and take long sips of water to rehydrate. Some luxuries become basic necessities…

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