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Increase Serendipity To Your Online Events
Written By Brenda M Howes

Serendipity can be defined as a happy accident or unexpected discovery.  Networking and making connections is a goal for many attendees.  Here are some tips to increase this element for virtual and hybrid events:  

  • Use random name generators to direct attendees to breakout rooms
  • Have a ‘spin the wheel’ button that allows attendees to take a risk at who they will be matched with
  • Collect some data to pair up those who have similar networking goals 
  • Create niche discussion rooms so folks can take the conversation deeper
  • Create a virtual place for folks to post a ‘challenge’ in hopes someone else attending has a solution 
  • Design free time that welcomes opportunities for random chances of connection  

How have you designed serendipity into your virtual events?  Would love to hear your experiences. 

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