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Here we are, the end of 2020, the year of all years, which has presented challenges as well as ignited optimism for our hospitality industry. Sure feels different from twelve months ago doesn’t it?   

Have you taken a look back at your photos yet from December 2019 and had a giggle about how cute you looked because you didn’t have a clue about what was about to descend? It’s quite a fun exercise.  

This year has certainly been about busting paradigms and seeing things differently.  For over a decade now, each December I choose a word that sets the theme for the next twelve months. The word for 2020 was VISION. It was a bit of an easy one as the focus was to have ‘2020 Vision’ and to see past my self imposed limitations. This is where it gets interesting because while our expectations were not met (understatement), we can all find some bonus moments. This year did deliver blessings, it just took the offroad, 4×4, bootstrap route to get there!

What a ride! What a process. 

While the saying, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ may be true, most of us feel like we’ve died one hundred times since March and rose back up for another day. Truth be told, I found my way to the bottom of many a dill pickle chip bag during quarantine and the weeks, or rather months that followed however that pity party has been shut down.  This year has brought with it may gifts and for that I am very grateful.

Optimism may be like wearing ‘rose coloured glasses’ through a storm yet we know the sun will eventually shine bright again.  This year has thrown a lot at us however it sure hasn’t kept us down.  The innovation that surrounds us is so inspiring.  Sure we have had our moments however together we will rise back up!  Sure things may be different, yes there will be changes however this isn’t our first rodeo.  We are hospitality strong.

We are the industry of connection, learning, inspiration and transformation.  Turns out we have been given the gift this year to see things more clearly.  It has been a year to dig deep. From the very start of this journey, we knew it would be hard.  While we may have drawn the short straw to be in an industry so harshly impacted by this pandemic, we also have the amazing fortune to be amongst the most giving, fun, creative, industrious and collaborative individuals. For this gift, I am very grateful.  

Timely yours, 

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