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Whether organizing a conference, event or family dinner, have you noticed there are certain folks who always seem to be ‘the one(s)’ who get the work done? They are ‘the one(s)’ who are always ready to help and, better still, jump in without being asked. Whether a professional or family situation, we know that when some people ask if I/we need help, the ‘asker’ is half hoping (if not – all hoping), we don’t say ‘YES’. 

January comes with a new ‘to do’ list and some ‘do not do’ items. Working as a team or any sort of collaborative environment requires folks to focus on achieving a shared goal or objective. It is an awesome and powerful feeling when everyone is ‘pulling in the same direction’. Physically and emotionally it makes the work easier when everyone jumps in.  

That being said, we do all come with different talents and skills. Working with folks who complement each other is ideal because in today’s business environment there are tasks that need solutions and innovations that have not yet been imagined. Not only do we need to be brave and bold in this next decade, we need to continually develop new – and unimagined – skills.  

For those who recognize themselves in this ‘get ‘er done’ mindset – welcome. You are my tribe. You are the ones. We are the ones. Now let’s get this year and new decade started!
Timely yours, 

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