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Written by: Desmond Lomas, CMP.

Do you need to make your board meetings more exciting or feel the need to ‘de-tweed’ them? Consider some physical, aka teambuilding, activities outside the boardroom to help.

Here are our Top 5 ideas:

1) Golf: You can play real golf, unless your meeting is in Canada in winter. See if your host or a nearby golf resort have the technology to provide an indoor virtual golf setup.  Your host might even have a spare golf cart on which to set up drinks and snacks. Some people discover they are better at virtual golf than the real thing.

2) How about good old-fashioned bowling? You may have to go off-property rather than setting up a lane in the ballroom, so check for the closest lanes. Then decide whether to have straight individual or team play or boost the adventure with the introduction of a theme, like costumes or disco bowling.

3) Curling: Yes, consider that other ice sport. It’s lots of fun and a great social activity. Perhaps your host property has an unused terrace, shuffleboard area, is beside a frozen lake or river, or has a lesser-used parking lot for a temporary ice surface.

4) Axe throwing! This is a growing sport which one of our clients suggested. It might get a little tension and frustration out of the system after a difficult board meeting. This activity is best suited offsite at their official facility. The rider and clause to host onsite would probably be too long a shot!

5) A cooking competition. Your host’s chef can help arrange this one, either in their kitchens or using a temporary set up of hot plates in a meeting room. It’s a tasteful way to build relationships and feed great ideas.    

The reader should not infer anything by coming to the realization that all these activities can be paired with adult beverages. Contact us to help pair your needs and ideas with that perfect location.

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