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Find the Balance - Brenda HowesEven after twelve years when folks ask me what I do for a living, I hesitate to say that I negotiate for my clients. I suppose because that word comes with different perceptions from others about what that truly means.

Some might think that our role in site selection is to mediate. While we certainly do ‘intervene to resolve a dispute’, more often we avoid having the things get to that point. It just takes so much time and energy – for everyone. We prefer a harmonious process.

The way we negotiate at The Howes Group is more intuitive as opposed to something you learn on a course or from a negotiation expert. We do not follow a script. We know when we have struck a good deal because everything ‘feels’ balanced.

The only way I can explain it is to give you a scuba diving analogy.  When I was learning to scuba dive, it was very hard to find that place of calm and confidence. My mask was fogging up, my breathing and heart rate were elevated, hoses were tangling and weight belt was slipping. Then one day after hours of practice while diving in Tobermory, I finally got it. With every inhale my body would go up and on the exhale, it would go down – ever so slightly. It felt amazing and perfect all at the same time. Buoyancy.

Finding this place of ease and perfection in our work with you and our hotel partners takes days, weeks and even months. It isn’t easy but we know what we are looking for in the end. And until we get there…we keep on adjusting to find that perfect place of balance.

Timely yours,

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