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101_Tips_Lisa_BlogEvery two years the American Hotel and Lodging Association conducts a survey with more 9,600 participants. It is the most comprehensive analysis of the trends in the hotel and lodging industry based on direct feedback from both hotels and guests.

Top 5 Findings for 2014 going into 2015:

1. Mobile apps for hotel service continue to grow in popularity with 33% of hotels offering an app for their guests.

2. High-definition televisions in rooms are the standard with 84% of respondents saying that these are provided. Flat screen televisions are the norm, with 96% of respondents stating their facilities stock them.

3. Fewer hotels are charging for in-room Internet services. Only 11% of respondents charge for Internet service. This figure is down from 23% in 2012.

4. 93% of respondents have a linen/towel reuse program.

5. 82% of hotels offer complimentary breakfast. An all-time high of respondents (74%) stated that they provide healthy menu choices.

BONUS: Fewer hotels are offering newspaper delivery and opting for electronic versions. Accor hotels just signed a deal with PressReader to offer guests in their 3500+ hotels in 92 countries the option of online media.

Read the Entire AHLA Survey Here

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