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You've Got a Friend

Our industry definitely knows how to mix business with pleasure. If we were to distill why we are all here, it very well could be for this very reason. We work hard and play hard. And so when our industry is hit as severely as it has been, there is an extra level of difficulty to see our colleagues and friends, losing their livelihoods and their connection to our industry.

Last month a group of ‘industry peeps’ from Ottawa released a song originally written by Carole King called You’ve Got a Friend. While most of us in this group knew each other, the three months of working together and discovering each other’s wonderful talents began by trusting the unknown.  

The genesis of the ‘spark’ that The Friendship Project eventually became started with a call to Greg Plazek, Marriott Hotels Canada. During my March Madness ‘pity party’, I knew I needed to find something creative to work on to pull me out from under my cloud. Thankfully my broken elbow was mending however my spirit needed a boost. I asked myself, ‘who shall I call to ask if they would be a guest on our podcast‘ and Greg came to mind. He had said weeks before that he would come on to speak about mentorship and since COVID created this vacancy in both our schedules, we had the time. When Greg asked if he could sing a song at the end of our recorded time, it immediately felt right. In a collaborative moment, I asked him if he was ok to ‘add a few other friends’. And so we ‘banded together’ ten industry peeps and three personal audio production friends and created what came to be, the best ever collaborative project I’ve ever worked so hard on!

It’s been a few weeks now since we launched our ‘secret project’ and it has given me some time to ponder the ingredients of its success. 

Here is a list of foundational ingredients that made this such a special project:

  • The song choice resonated as the message was so real and heartfelt.
  • Those who ‘said yes’ were brave as we didn’t have all the details ironed out.
  • The audio and visual trio (Sean, Kieran and Anne) gave me the courage to forge ahead as the budget for this project was $0. Even though they are not from our industry – they ‘got it’ and I will be forever grateful for their time.
  • While there was a final ‘intention’ for the project, it morphed, changed and literally came into view as we went along.
  • For many COVID reasons, it was challenging however we just kept going.
  • It was SO FUN to see and hear each ‘friends’ individual part and to see this ‘version’ of them come OUT.
  • The project gave us something to focus on and look forward to.

The response to our ‘wee project’ has been so wonderful because it did what we hoped it would do: bring some optimism during a difficult time. Yes, we will get through this however it has been hard and will continue to be for some time. What this project has forever done for me is to remind me of my favourite quote, ‘If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – go together.’  

Thank you once again to The Friendship Project bandmates for saying YES! Trusting in each other is the first step to making a connection. There is so much these days that can divide. You know as I do, the secret is to find what binds.

Your friend,

PS.  Even if we don’t know each other that well, please know you can always call me. We have a few more quarters until this storm passes however helping each other even just a little – is a lot.

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