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December is a great time of year to reflect on the past twelve months. Here at The Howes Group the most important indicator of success is determined by one factor, how well did our clients do? This year was a stellar year in that of the thousands of room nights that we booked for 2015, every group avoided the dreaded ‘A’ word: Attrition. This is fantastic and something we are very proud of!

There are many ways to measure success while in our business the singular factor is the bottom line: was the meeting profitable? There is no one that we work with that can afford a deficit. Even if the ultimate outcome is not to generate a profit, a loss is not tolerated.

As a partner to the success of the meeting, we are motivated to ensure that folks attend. The secret is not just to have folks attend, but to ensure that they book within the block. As a reminder, your delegates need to be reminded. What we’ve learned in the last decade is, they just don’t know how important it is to stay within the block.

This year we encouraged everyone to tell their delegates often how much they mean to them. Communicating to your delegates why they matter makes a difference. The majority of delegates still do not understand why staying at the host hotel matters. I would challenge that you have board members who do not understand why they need to stay at the host hotel.

As it is the holiday season, here is our gift to you! It is our ‘Top Ten Reasons To Stay Within The Block’. Cheers to you and may you never make the A list!

Timely yours,

It’s Official: AccorHotels has purchased Fairmont, Raffles, Swisshotels (FRHI)
Click link above to read December 9 Press Release

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