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How you engage with delegates at a meeting can make all the difference in your success. Today there are many interactive choices:

Digital Whiteboards: These can help you get your audience feel like they are a part of your presentation. They can include display touchscreens, drawing and dynamic highlights that will emphasize your message.

Wearable Technology:  For those early technology adopters what if you could navigate your presentation with a wave of your hand? The Myo armband is a wearable technology that lets you take control of your phone, computer and much more…touch-free. Imagine your coolness-factor at your next conference.


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  • Stacey Diffin-Lafleur

    I like this article. Helping planners to think out of the box is a great tool. Often there’s a clip board and a critical path that mirrors last year’s event. Let’s not look backwards, forward is the only way to keep my interest. If we’ve done it all before, then it’s over. Thanks The Howes Group for keeping the ideas coming.

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