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During this past quarter, our team has come across a few incidents whereby the sales team lost power during the negotiation process and the authority was transferred to the Revenue Manager.

Who is this Revenue Manager, of whom you speak? This position is occupied by someone whose sole responsibility is to monitor, index and calculate return. The airlines made their industry more efficient by managing inventory and hotels have followed suit. They don’t care about the name of your dog. They care about ROI. It’s business.  We see this more when the currency fluctuates in Canada and the USA, as we have experienced in the last several quarters.

These days there are so many layers of stakeholders expecting a return on the investment, including your delegates. According to the whispers of folks in hotel sales, there has been a shift away from the value of personal relationships.  It is all about the bass:  the numbers and profit.

To appeal to the sort, file and delete process – it is important to structure the value that you bring to the hotel up front.  Now is the time to truly know your worth.

If your business has been turned down because of bedroom to meeting space ratio, give us a call and we will strategize with you to help position your meeting to be of irresistible value to the hotel and most importantly – to your delegates.

Timely Yours,

PS.  This month we celebrated our Fifth Anniversary! Woot! Woot! That was a very fast half decade! Early in 2017 we are going to mark this moment in conjunction with another amazing 150th milestone!  The plans are underway! Thank you to all of you who entrust us to work with your organizations to bring a ‘fair and logical’ balance to the work we do together.

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