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101 Tips: Directional and Welcome Signage

Having worked for years in the marketing department for a 750,000 square foot shopping centre, I know how difficult it is to help folks navigate a large space. The myth is that shopping centres are designed to make you lost. In all honesty, a frustrated customer is not a happy customer, so helping them find where they wish to go, is important. While having the food court on the second floor – now that is definately by design!

Delegates need help navigating a conference. As we know, there are many ways to help them find the session room – on time. Over the years, technology has become more accessible and each session room can now have a LED sign with the session topic throughout the meeting venue. This is a great help to reduce the time shuffling signage holders, as it can all be controlled from a keyboard.

Welcome signage is also a wonderful way to greet delegates and some hotels have integrated some very nice and large signs that one can use for an impressive welcome. Discussing the details at the time of signing the contract is always best as it is often reserved on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis.

Custom gobos are one of my favourite ways to brand an event. Here is a YouTube video explaining how they are made:

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