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The Howes Group November Newsletter

There is a day in November that is a very special day as it is my birthday, also known as my personal AGM. Each year I take the opportunity to ‘stop and check in’, take care of myself by doing the annual check ups and plan something fun to celebrate the occasion. November as a whole can make the best of us pensive as it is a true month of transition: the warmth of summer has faded, the leaves are mostly down and we are on cue pulling out our crock pots in anticipation of Ole’ Man Winter!

Last year my gift to myself was to take the time out of our business and head to The Banff Centre and be a student on a course called Centered Leadership. It was given by the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The focus was on understanding one’s personal energy level and being aware of what or who drains us of this life force.

Awareness is key to identifying what you can and cannot control in your daily routine. Keeping an inventory of “who and what takes more from you than gives”, is key to understanding how to deal with it or make a course correction.

Time is so valuable and as a gift to you, I want to offer up my time for you to ‘pick my brain’ on any facet of site selection. Email me at for a 30 minute time slot. It would be my pleasure to give back as giving is truly the most selfish act, as we get so much from giving.

What do you do that is kind to your soul? How do you celebrate your cosmic arrival? What strategies do you use to manage your energy?

Timely yours,

PS. Since 2015, McKinsey & Company has opened the course up to both men and women. The program I attended was the inaugural co-ed course which I really enjoyed. No matter your gender, we all need strategies to manage our time and energy.  Here is a link to my favourite meditation music app that comes in real handy when I travel.  The 30 minute timer is the best!

PPS. If your conference needs a sponsor for the ‘Information Integration Room or Meditation Zone’, let me know! It would be my pleasure to speak with the hotel and find a small room for your delegates to ‘stop and take a moment’. Headsets preloaded 5-10 minute guided meditation modules for the meeting planner alone, would be so restorative.

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