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In an effort to come up with an idea to celebrate our company’s anniversary, it turned out the more I set aside time to focus on coming up with a brilliant thought, the less I came up with. For days and perhaps weeks it was on my mind and then ‘wham’ there it was. Where was I? Simply walking our dog Wilson around the block.

Years ago I had read about the 3B’s Syndrome (Bed, Bath, Bus) that claims that all great ideas past, present and future will come to us when we are unfocused, distracted and even partially unconscious. Perfect! So all you guys out there, when your wife or partner scolds you for not listening or paying attention, you can explain that you are simply in the incubation phase of one of your BIG IDEAS.

Turns out when we perform routine activities like brushing our teeth, taking a shower or sitting on a bus (airplane), these moments create the perfect opportunities for our brain to wander. It almost seems counter-intuitive while history has proven that the greatest of minds came up with world changing ideas in the most common of locations. Again it is a great reminder of why vacations or taking a day to do something totally different from our daily routines is so important. Growing up on a 200 acre dairy farm meant that there was a lot of time spent alone on a tractor plowing, raking and/or harrowing fields. (Reveal moment!) It was my place to get lost in thought and dream. It is probably why I still enjoy using our riding mower on our property. It gives the mind time to simply drift…sort and file…

If 1% of the hard work is coming up with the idea and 99% is implementation, then how much does fear factor into why so many great ideas are never implemented? In the year before I launched this new version of our company, I posted on my whiteboard, ‘FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real’. We all have the amazing ability to imagine the ‘worst case scenario’. How often do we look back on a conference and seek out the negative moments and not bask in the amazing accomplishments? It turns out our brains are hardwired with a negativity bias. Here’s a good article: Our Brain’s Negative Bias from Psychology Today to better understand why we need to ignore our fears and continue to innovate!

So what’s your BIG IDEA? Perhaps it’s time to go for a walk…

Timely yours, Brenda

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