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The current version of our website is fifteen months old. We give it a makeover every 18-to-24 months to stay current and connected with the folks who look for us online.

Before we embark on the task, we determine what needs to be updated. The Howes Group engaged an agency to help us distill what makes us who we are.

The slides and graphics on our website say what we do very well however, as our consultant pointed out, they could be cut and pasted onto any website of others in our space, who do what we do.

Sure we do site selection and save our clients time and money. So do others.

Sure we do this everyday, so our experience is solid. And current.

Sure we save clients hours which translates to time and money.

What makes us different? That is where my head has been dwelling for weeks. The interesting part to this exercise is that we are coming up with answers and finding ways to articulate the shared core values of The Howes Group.

Each person who works within THG is uniquely them self however we share a common passion: to be an advocate. The terms fair and logical always find their way into the conversation. It is a bit old school in that we want hotels to know we respect them and know they have limitations to our requests. However, as advocates, we are driven to present a client perspective that historically has been overlooked or dismissed.

Our collective experience spans several decades (ok we’re not ancient, but we have a good collection of T-shirts). The site selection space was in its infancy when I started working in it and has grown to represent more than 57% of booked room blocks. A lot has changed in the last 13 years and now, more than ever, the client’s perspective needs to be addressed and defended.

Our superpower comes from the subatomic level. It starts next to the fierceness of a momma bear juxtaposed to the compassion of a parent with their sick child. It has no boundaries. It is who we are.

Where’s my cape!?!

Timely yours,

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