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By: Brenda Howes, Founder & CEO

When we are onsite for a meeting, the smallest of details can make us very grateful. Here are the Top 5 that come to mind:

1.  During the contract process, ensuring that changes are actually made and proofread.  

2.  Having someone ‘with authority’ available to answer the phone. This is especially amplified when the salesperson is on vacation or travelling for work.  

3.  After a l-o-n-g journey finding our hotel room ready before the standard 3 pm check-in.  

4.  Having all the hotel’s departments available for the Pre / Post Con Event and being clear on the vision of the meeting.  

5.  Ensuring communication protocols are clear so we know who to contact. And that they are always available – not just during a crisis. 


6.  For ensuring meals and breaks are on time so that the meeting itinerary clips along at the planned pace.

7. Seven. Yes, seven. This month we couldn’t keep just a top five since there are so many things to be grateful for since each hotel partner adds their customized ‘special touch’. Their personalization of an amenity shows us someone took the time to make it SPECIAL! For which we are grateful.

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