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THG - April 2016 (600x220)


For the last few weeks, mother nature has determined for us that spring has begun.  After a two-year hiatus, we tapped a few of our maple trees and have produced another great batch of maple syrup.

The main reason we are willing to put so much effort into this initiative is because of the syrup that is produced with the first sap.  In early spring before the trees have had a chance to pull all the minerals from the thawed ground, the early sap that runs produces an exquisite and rare ‘early syrup’ that is the colour of honey and shares notes of caramel instead of the maple flavour we are so accustomed to.  It is unique, not typically available for retail and only 5% of any producer’s results.  The uniqueness of this syrup is the reason why we haul everything out, scrub down, install, collect, boil, boil and boil…and then wash up post event and put everything back into our mini sugar shack for the next time.

For your conference, what is your ‘early syrup’?  What makes your conference so unique and of value that your members and delegates feel compelled to get approval to attend, deal with scheduling their families while they are away and fly themselves across the country to attend?  Finding that something that attendees can not find anywhere else and consider to be of high value is something we know is important to keep top of mind.

Holding the memory of how fun it is to share our small stash and introduce others to this sweet nectar makes it worth all the effort!  What is it that makes you love what you do and put in the effort for the ‘sweet’ return?

Timely Yours,

PS.  Turns out 2016 (#Sweet16) is being heralded as possibly the ‘best in 25 years’ by producers in the region.  Some have called It a ‘sap tsunami’ which produced alot of the light – light amber syrup:  a syrup that is highly valued by the Asian markets.  The Canadian market typically prefers the amber syrup for its more robust iconic maple flavour.  Word in the ‘woods’ is that folks are elated with this season’s results.


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