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JeannaStriking a work-life balance and having the ability to transfer twenty years of hotel and hospitality experience into a meaningful and rewarding career were key components to Jeanna’s decision to join The Howes Group.

Jeanna has worked with clients in association, corporate and SMURF markets in both large hotel brands and independent properties. This breadth of knowledge allows her to exercise her passion to help clients with a bonus of forging friendships along the way. In order for delegates to hear the key message and participate to their fullest ability, hoteliers must provide value, comfort and a space that is conducive to creating and learning. Jeanna is able to identify these key success factors for your meeting.

Growing up in Kingston, Ontario, the coffee and tea were always on, family and friends would gather for a meal, to play a song or just enjoy a chat. Hosting and entertaining are deeply rooted in the André-Murdie home.

As an active member and volunteer in both CSAE and MPI, Jeanna continues to find tremendous value in building industry relationships.

When she isn’t having dance parties in the kitchen with her husband and three children, she can be found cooking, planning the vegetable garden and exploring the world of fashion and design!

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