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Top Tips to Encourage Booking in Block

Offering value to your delegates is key to ensuring they book within the block.

1. Ensure your rate is competitive
Group rates are designed to be lower than standard rates while pending the meeting space:bedroom
ratio, the difference if made up on the rate.

2. Offer an ‘Early Bird’ Special
This is an ‘age old’ strategy while it still works. Saving $100 or a chance to win next year’s registration makes a difference to many attendees.

3. Book Outside Levy
If you delegate books within your block, they pay a lower registration fee than a delegate who books outside the block.

4. Non Refundable Deposit
Up to six weeks out, a 50% non-refundable deposit is applied to the credit card on file.
If the group falls into attrition, ensure you clarify that these funds can be applied to the attrition.

5. Communicate the benefits
Let your delegates know the ‘Top Ten’ reasons they need to book within the block. (Repeat x5)
Being at the right place and the right time can bring unmeasurable networking value. It’s important to listen to your delegates and possibly survey them to ensure you know the reasons why they are booking outside the block. Remember the reason you ensure there is a block is for their benefit.

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