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Desmond Lomas
Written By: Desmond Lomas, CMP
  1. “On sold-out nights a hotel always has an extra room available just in case.”False! When I worked at a hotel front desk many moons ago we often had people requesting a room when we were already sold out. In their desperation sometimes they would say “I know you have a room that you don’t rent out to anyone in case of an emergency”. If hotels have an opportunity to sell all their rooms and fill the hotel they will.
  2. “It’s 2 am and I have a guaranteed reservation. You still have my room right?” If it’s a sold night there is a strong likelihood that they have given away your room. This is not looked upon kindly by many but it is reality. Hotels need to overbook to ensure they fill the hotel because of a consistent rate of “no-shows”. Let then hotel know when you are arriving late. 
  3. “I’m bringing you more rooms for my group this year, therefore, I should get a better rate right?” Not necessarily. Depending on when your group is scheduled to arrive, the hotel could displace more lucrative business by taking your group at a lower rate and squander better earning potential. Sometimes needing fewer rooms from a hotel will give you a lower rate. 
  4. “Don’t hotels understand how important my business is?” If you are a repeat client the hotel will sometimes come across “sexier” business. It takes a strong relationship to ensure that the hotel will always take your business. Relationship building is a two-way street. If you like the hotel and it continues to serve your needs, ensure that you are actively nurturing the relationships. If you still don’t feel loved. You know what to do! 
  5. “Who owns your hotel?” The hotel business in Canada is especially tight-knit. Most branded hotels are not actually owned by the company which owns the brand, but by separate franchise ownership groups. In fact, the hotel owners sometimes own competing brands. When you feel the guilt about ending your three-year contract with one hotel you might be still giving your business to the same company even though you signed with a competing brand. 

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