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Top Five Tips for Personal Productivity

By: Desmond Lomas, CMP

Like many people, my productivity waivers from time to time, but generally I think I am fairly efficient with my time. When I don’t feel like I’m working at my maximum potential, it is usually time to go for a walk, a gym visit or a day off.  Having a home office is a huge benefit to the type of work we do. Reviewing hotel and convention centre contracts for our clients takes a lot of concentration. I did a Top 5 on this back in 2016, but have updated my list based on recent experience.
Here are some other things I find have helped me be a better “Chair-Born Ranger”.  

  1. Comfortable chair: I recently invested in a better-quality chair and what a difference it makes. I don’t find I have to take breaks as often. As much as I appreciate this chair, no amount of WD-40 can keep it from squeaking. I should have invested more money in a chair apparently.  
  2. A second screen: I’m not sure why I didn’t do this a long time ago. Not only can I see things a lot better with a huge second screen, I can have multiple documents open at the same time and all are visible. This is ideal for contract review and comparison! I am saving tons of paper now as well. 
  3. A clutter-free desk: There is no question that when your line of sight is not cluttered your mind isn’t cluttered either. Secret: We don’t expect perfection overnight. Have a good junk drawer close by. 
  4. Close your e-mail periodically: When working on something that requires a lot of attention (like hotel contracts) close your e-mail or turn-off your notifications for a little while so you can focus without the distraction of seeing every new e-mail which lands in your inbox.  
  5. An easily accessible to-do list: Create a ‘to do’ list every day and prioritize the items you need to start. Have it easily accessible at all times so you can immediately check things off and add new things as you think of them. I put my to-do list in my Outlook calendar for quick access and reference.

Do you have any tips? Please share.

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