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Five Hand Washing Tips To Ponder
By: Brenda Howes

1.  Reality changes day by day and continues to evolve.  It is easier to not ‘white knuckle it’ and be open to the uncertainly.  

2.  Being productive for four days straight followed by one staring at the ceiling, is ok.

3.  There is a tremendous amount of data to curate before you come to ‘your truth’.

4.  All feelings are valid.  Collectively we are processing loss:  daily routines, hugs and handshakes, business and economic uncertainty, social time with family and friends, and of course those who died from COVID even if we didn’t know them personally. 

5.  Being kind and patient with others allows me to be kind and patient with myself. 

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  • Heather Reid

    these are brilliant observations and I echo #2 and #5 – thanks for sharing these!

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