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This month I am focusing on the Top 5 Topics for Conference Education Sessions. As meeting professionals, architects and advisors we are fortunate to tap into the collected wisdom and experiences of colleagues across many great organizations. In addition to networking with colleagues and suppliers, we get to attend great education sessions which help us grow and create memorable events for our delegates and clients.

Here are my Top 5 Conference Education Session Topics and why we continue to want more: 

  1. Contracts & RFPs – As a site selection professional it is of the utmost importance to keep up to date on these, for changing industry trends to new ways of negotiating tricky areas. These items represent the blueprint on which your entire event will be built. Knowing the language of contracts and negotiation alone is a full-time job!
  2. Food & Beverage – This is a subject which appeals to our other brain: our stomach. Beyond the tasty joy is an ever-growing range of issues to discuss and learn about such as allergies, preferences, trends, budgets, local, sustainable, diets, consumption rates, buffet vs plated, meeting packages and more.
  3. Technology & AV – This is a broad umbrella to cover an ever-changing tech and communications landscape. We want to know how to wow our audiences with the latest and greatest AV, while keeping them engaged via the conference app, and registration and conference websites. This is one area where education is a must as it changes daily!
  4. Event Execution – You as a meeting professional are curious about how to change delivery to keep the event fresh, attendance up and provide something unique to your event. Sessions cover everything from Décor & Themes, Going Green, Adding Value, Sponsorship, Architecture, Risk Management and Safety & Security, which touch every day of a conference.
  5. Inspiration – Is there anything more powerful than an exceptional keynote address? Whether they’re Olympic athletes, people who have overcome the odds or thought-provokers, speaker ideas and experiences inspire and influence multiple areas of our lives.

Here’s to lifelong learning and to those phenomenal educators and speakers who give us the gift of knowledge and experience. See you in class!

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