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On a recent five-hour flight delay from Orlando to Toronto when weather and mechanical issues combined disrupted the journey, I learned a lot. In the end, I was forced to stay the night in Toronto and I travelled home to Ottawa the following day. Nothing I could have done would have avoided this; however, the following top five suggestions might have made the experience a little more pleasant.

  1. Always print your boarding pass. The mobile app doesn’t always work when you need it.
  2. Ensure your mobile device is fully charged before you get on the plane. The plug doesn’t always work in your seat.
  3. Even though your phone charge might not last the trip, ensure you have your noise-cancelling earphones to tune out the drunk guy repeating himself every few minutes and the understandably cranky kids.
  4. Download the mobile app for the airline before you get on the plane. You might get on the plane to discover there is no TV screen.
  5. Bring snacks, if you’re stuck on the tarmac for a few hours with no access to food during dinner time you’ll thank yourself.
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