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TOP 5 TIPS – Creative Choices For Venues

Written by: Jeanna  André-Murdie

Your job is to choose where to host your association’s next event. Your head might swirl, there are so many choices. Do you go big hotel like always, or do you choose a quaint cottage resort for something different? There’s a lot to consider. Recently, a national non-profit client chose a small city without a convention centre or a hotel big enough to host their entire event. So, we got creative.

We used a few hotels and chose some of the options below:

Universities – This choice is not so unconventional anymore. They have built-in large spaces, classrooms with great seating and AV. There’s parking and proximity to buses and trains. When school is out, universities offer affordable residence accommodations. They also have the facilities and experience to feed large groups.

Resorts and Camps – During the off season many cottage country resorts and summer camps sit empty. They can host hundreds of children and families at a time and they are also fully-equipped with dining halls and gathering spaces. Think about dorm style rooms or cabins. Your group can enjoy a secluded getaway with a great view. However, you’ll need to consider transportation to and from the resort.

Museums – Often chosen for opening nights and galas, museums offer a whole lot more. Ask the guest coordinator about meeting spaces and create an innovative and comfortable program. In this case, you need hotel guest rooms close by.

City Hall – Many cities have fantastic, underused spaces in their public buildings. In many cases, you can rent the space for a lower cost if you are non-profit or a local organization. You’ll be surprised at how grand and well-equipped some of these venues can be.

Arenas/Agriculture Halls – With the right amount of pipe and drape, some creative minds, you can turn a big open space into an amazing meeting venue. One of my clients recently turned an agriculture hall into a trade show by bulldozing the sand. You should know that anything is possible … for a price.

Before you make your choice, contact us at The Howes Group, we’ll help you conduct a noteworthy and memorable event.

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