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Written by: Jeanna André-Murdie

I admit it. I’m an over-packer. I try to pare down every time I travel, but inevitably I regret not bringing that one thing … shoes. My main issue though is all the toiletries I pack, you see I collect beauty products. For me, the hotel room’s bathroom is a highlight. The work I do with The Howes Group gives me the opportunity to visit our partner hotels across North America. From these travels, I present my Top Five favourite hotel bathroom finds.

  1. Lighting – For me and for any woman that wears makeup – that lighting is crucial. For guys – shaving in a darkly lit bathroom has its perils too. A single, sad light above the grey cast mirror is the worst way to start your day or evening. Bonus – a lighted and magnified mirror.
  2. Counter space – When you check in with lots of stuff and see a great big counter in the bathroom … swoon. That is a great bathroom. In other cases, the counter is non-existent – it’s just a sink. Not my favourite. If it’s small on space, then under-the-counter storage for hair dryers and bags is a good compromise.
  3. Amenities – Every hotel offers the basics like shampoo and soap. Some hotels even have refillable containers in the shower. But when you can enjoy little extras, like a shower cap or sewing kits, it feels a little more upgraded. I also am delighted with a proper hair dryer in the bathroom. If there is a tub, why not add bath salts? A black face cloth to take my makeup off with is a great addition. It’s also a clever way for a hotel to save those white face cloths from being totally stained.
  4. Showers vs. Tubs – The trend right now in most hotels is a stand-up shower. It’s very clean and saves space. A separate tub to soak in is a luxurious addition. If it’s all-in-one, then a curved shower curtain adds to the experience.
  5. Tech Options – In general most hotel bathrooms are just functional. But lately, I’ve seen high-tech additions such as an in-mirror television or a Bluetooth speaker in the shower. Super upgrades today, but in the future, they’ll be far more common and expected.
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