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Canada: a great place to hold your meeting

Written by: Desmond Lomas

If you plan meetings with attendees from abroad there is a lot you need to think about. In today’s world, we are often faced with unpredictable governments and policies, ultra-nationalism, potential terrorism and some level of economic uncertainty. Canada’s international conference and event delegates are in good hands.

Here are the top FIVE reasons to book your meeting in Canada.

  1. Welcome: Canada, is a diverse country has traditionally been a great example of international cooperation and trade.  As a result, international meeting attendees will feel right at home. Did you know that there are more than 50 countries where the citizens can visit Canada without a visa?
  2. Safe: In 2016 Canada placed in the top ten of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) better life index. Number one is Norway.
  3. Multilingual: In addition to English and French as our official languages, Canadians are very multicultural. In the meetings and events industry, you can be assisted and served in many different languages. These can include Cantonese, Punjabi, Chinese, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish and more.
  4. Affordable: Historically our Canadian dollar is worth less than American currency. Do the math. It works out that Canada offers a ~30% discount versus American cities. This makes Canada a very enticing and affordable conference site choice.
  5. Innovative: Canada is a hot bed of innovation. We have the people, the business acumen and the technology to be leaders across several industries. Think about it. From Commander Hadfield to Canola to Blackberry Mobile Devices, all from Canada and are part of our everyday life. We have technology experts, scientists and inventors right here, part of the Canadian experience.
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