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Carlos BaezaTop 5 Perspectives: Carlos Baeza

In August, we kicked-off a new Top Five that features insights from our colleagues on the front lines of the hotel business.

Say hello to Carlos Baeza from the Brookstreet Hotel, Kanata (west of Ottawa).

1) What is the one thing you would like us to know about your role as “Director of F&B at the Brookstreet Hotel”?

I have many years of experience in the hospitality industry. This includes in-room dining, dining rooms, lounges, banquets, conferences to offsite catering. At Brookstreet I have the chance to touch on them all. For a couple of years, I’ve managed the banquets team, now I can gel all F&B operations and ensure a seamless guest experience across our various outlets. I love what I do and love the people that I get to work with. Work hard, play harder.

2) What in your role impacts a client’s satisfaction most?

To provide support for my team and we deliver Brookstreet’s ‘spicier’ experience for our discerning guests, at every step of their visit. This means from how they are greeted upon arrival, to cocktails and snacks in Option Lounge or patio. When they enjoy refreshments by the pool or a sumptuous dinner in the Perspectives Dining room it’s all a great experience. Even down to the coffee and snacks from the B Café to take on the road.

3) What current trends or market conditions from your perspective are impacting your business?

– They represent the fastest-growing customer segment in the hospitality industry. This tech-savvy generation expects fluent and transparent transactions and has constant access to social media to provide instantaneous feedback. Millennials 

– Eco-friendly practices and implementing an attractive green policy. We are currently focused ‘farm to fork’ and locally sourced menu ingredients, purchasing Oceanwise seafood, and using our Vivreau Pure Water in-house bottling system. Sustainability & Resource Constraints

Keeping up with healthy and various new diets, which puts a bigger focus on specific ingredients

4) How is the current economy affecting your business?

While certain segments of the Canadian economy have been flat the past couple of years, the overall feeling is that we are seeing healthy growth and things are heating up. The current strength of US dollar is contributing to a year-over-year increase of US residents travelling to Canada for business and pleasure. Brookstreet is in Kanata North, which puts us right in the middle of the largest Research and Technology Park in Canada. There has been significant growth and investment in this sector and expectations are this will continue to increase for the next several years. This means a growing number of international guests staying at or visiting our hotel. We are very mindful of their dietary needs on our menus.

5) What future trends do you see in the next 18 months?

Technology continues to shape our guests’ experience. Mobile tech is evolving quickly. The guest connection via mobile devices means real-time interaction before, during, and after is integral to enhance their overall experience. This creates brand loyalty. Hotels can benefit from constantly connected guests and put things like beacon technology (location-based notifications) to good use. These could be a happy hour offer in our lounge, or daily specials that pop up on your phone when you walk by the restaurant. Hotels will get better at using data and technology to engage guests and adapt to their needs and preferences. Public spaces are being redefined to accommodate a more social environment, simple things like charging stations and touch screens to show you what’s around the hotel. Lifestyle brands are becoming more important and guests crave more experiential guest stays, such as engaging the local culture and environment. This means we stick to our true hotelier roots: we put experience and service before all else.

Want to share your perspective? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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