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As we are coming into that special season of Gratitude and Thanksgiving, I thought of all of the things big and small that I’m grateful for when working with and staying with our awesome hotels around the globe. I know just how much effort and work goes into every meeting we do. We are all in the business of creating great stay and conference experiences, so here are my Top 5 things I’m sure we’re all grateful for in hotels.

  1. Great Hotel Partners – We have the great pleasure of working with hotel partners all over the world. Who isn’t especially grateful for partners and suppliers who understand our needs, work with us to produce balanced and fair contracts, who help us create exceptional experiences for clients and delegates? I am grateful for those partners who not only listen to our needs but empathize with us in the process.
  2. Comfortable Guestrooms – Don’t you love it when you walk into your guestroom and you feel instantly comfortable or impressed? Who isn’t grateful for a great bed, BIG counters (you know we love them!), a great shower or tub, windows which open and lots of outlets? I’m always grateful for a great stay experience.
  3. FOOD Glorious Food!  Let’s face it, most conferences are about two things: content and cuisine!! If the food is not only good, but also stays on budget and really makes your delegates happy, isn’t that a big part of the battle? When a hotel’s catering team and chef are creative, thoughtful and inspiring it just makes everything go so much better!! I’m grateful for every cup of great coffee to the memorable dining experiences. (Maybe sometimes there’s a little too much of the memorable meals!)
  4. Exceptional Staff – Can you think of that person who just wowed you on your last conference or check-in? The front desk person who had your room ready and made check-in a breeze? The CSM who saved the day? The true heroes in our industry are the front-line workers who pull all our great plans together to make it all happen seamlessly without a hitch! How can you thank them? Some hotel brands offer staff appreciation programs you can use, or how about creating your own? On your next site visit or conference pick someone who makes you grateful and THANK them – a hand written card and coffee card go a long way! Be grateful for these people!
  5. Giving Back – After an incredible lunch on a recent FAM tour, the hotel gave us a tag to fill in for a child. The tag would go on a big jar of soup mix to be used for a local cooking program for low income families. This only enhanced the experience and made us grateful to the hotel for the chance to give back in their city. I’m grateful for the opportunity to find ways to give back in this industry all the time. From breakfast programs to sending a thank you card, we as an industry have the opportunity to make change and show gratitude in big and small ways!
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  • Shawnna Dickie-Garnhum

    Loved, Loved, Loved the “This Bud’s For You” newsletter and Jeanna’s top five reason why we love our hotels. Very informative and great idea showin a little love for our hotel partners. 🙂 Well done to The Howes Group.

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