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It was fifty years ago last month that Bob Dylan released his ‘Times They Are A-Changin’ song to the world. A wonderful lady I used to know taught Bob Dylan (aka Robert Allan ZImmerman) in the 1950’s. While she admits she wasn’t certain he had the chops to be a vocalist, she always encouraged him to follow his dreams. He certainly did follow his passion and went on to become an international musical storyteller who resonated with an entire generation and more. The song captures the confusion and emotion of social change and while it was five decades ago, it certainly feels as though we are better adept to deal with change in our modern world because we’ve come to expect it.

A few weeks ago, just as everyone was returning to a new year, one large international hotel brand let a number of their global sales representatives go. While this is certainly not new to our industry, it is a reminder of how often things change. Corporate restructuring and job changes certainly happen amongst meeting planners, while I would wager it happens more often on the hotel side of the business. What I have found to be most interesting is how quickly folks take on the new brand of the new employer. It goes to show how adaptable we are.

It was early on in this role that I came to truly understand that our responsibility is more than the intricacies of site selection. This position also helps manage the corporate history for future retrieval. A couple years ago, my copy of the countersigned agreement was the only document that existed at the time of reconciliation. Thankfully our archivist insists on triple backup as one version was a bit stubborn to open. It goes without saying (but I will anyway!), that we continue to remember to capture all the details of conversations in writing as once that individual leaves…so do the terms of those conversations.

Back in the day of Bob Dylan if someone moved away, it was much harder to stay in touch. Today we have great tools like LinkedIn that help us stay connected and even congratulate them on their new adventures. There are good things that can come with change…just ask Bob!

Timely yours, Brenda

PS. Here is a link of quotes that deal with change.

PPS. See you @ Tete-a-Tete! Safe travels to all those coming to Ottawa.

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