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As the leaves begin to fall and October settles in, it is the perfect time to reflect and give thanks for the year so far. This month we are celebrating many things at The Howes Group including our company’s 3rd Anniversary. On October 4th, Lisa Sharman will celebrate her birthday (Happy Birthday Lisa!) and on October 14th, Rod and I will raise a glass to our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Where does the time go?

Along with marking special occasions, it is important to acknowledge the folks who make our personal and work lives easier. My favourite African proverb is, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a group.’

Working together and collaborating brings great rewards while it is not without significant effort. What makes a great relationship? If I may speak for all of us at The Howes Group, we believe the same principles that hold true for a personal relationship hold true for a professional relationship. Every working union, friendship and collaboration requires effort, adjustment, commitment, growth, a whole lot of empathy and appreciation.

In this industry, we hear the word ‘relationship’ so often that of late it seems to have lost its sincerity. What does it mean anymore? It is my hope that the word trust is still part of this modern union. An assertion that ethics and leadership consultant Frank Navran often uses, but did not originate, says, “Trust is the residual of promises fulfilled.” Those are words to be very grateful for…

Thank you to everyone who makes up our day, month, year and decades! Wishing you a most wonderful time of thanks…

Timely yours,

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