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Desmond Lomas
Written by: Desmond Lomas

During these very difficult times where we are faced with the fear of the unknown, and economic uncertainty is keeping us awake at night, it can be difficult to see how we are going to get ourselves out of this mess. Many in our industry are unemployed or have had their hours reduced, and others are self-employed and have seen their income for the next foreseeable future – dry up. We will get through it but we just don’t know how long it will take!

We are an industry of exceptional people. Suppliers, planners, and meeting attendees have formed a symbiotic relationship and in this industry, we are both partners and friends. It could be argued that our culture is so unique that no other industry’s individuals get along quite so well. In fact, in our world, one’s competitors are arguably treated just as well as one’s customers!

Here are the Top 5 reasons why the Meetings and Events Industry will rise above our current situation.

  1. There are numerous exceptional hotels and convention centres to host conferences at. Each of them perfectly suited to the right client. These venues would not have been worth the millions of dollars in investments and improvements over the years unless they had the right sales reps, convention service managers and front-line staff representing them.
  2. There so many unique and beautiful destinations to host meetings in but they would be not worth a second look without the representation of the DMOs, CVBs and DMCs that bring the regions to life.
  3. The Audio-Visual companies who are entrusted with telling the story and safeguarding the image of the organization that they are representing have the cutting-edge technology. The technology is nothing without the people behind it.
  4. There are some great site selection professionals and planners that have negotiated some wonderful deals for their customers but these would never have been achieved without the long-term partnerships with the people representing them. 
  5. We have made and received calls and e-mails from our customers, competitors and suppliers recently wanting to check-in and chat and compare battle scars and strategies to move forward. Few of us can claim to have experienced challenges as significant as we are all facing now but we know who is going to get us through it. You guessed it. The people of our industry!
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