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The Meeting Architect Podcasts for April 2019

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APRIL 2: Episode 11
Joanne Charlebois, CEO, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada.

Topic: Insights to Host an International Meeting.

APRIL 9: Episode 12
Desmond Lomas, The Howes Group.

Topic: Top 5 – How to Avoid Attrition!

APRIL 16: Episode 13
Victoria Clarke, Executive Director, Destination St John.

Topic: The Visitor Economy and the Structure of DMCs – Destination Marketing Corporations.

APRIL 23: Episode 14
Jeanna Andre Murdie, The Howes Group.

Topic: The Importance of Inclusive Meetings.

APRIL 30: Episode 15
Carly Schelck, Partner & CEO, The Urban Element.

Topic: Making a Connection Through Food & Beverage.

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