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Devil in the Details

If you catch a mistake moments before it is about to ruin the magic for hundreds of children, does it count as an error or a near miss? Early in my career during my shopping centre marketing days, I was tasked to help Santa respond to the hundreds of letters that he received in the North Pole mailbox. With a fresh English literature degree under my belt, I set about this important task of drafting the message that hundreds of letter writers would receive that year. The words were carefully chosen and when I felt I had a good draft, I took it to my colleague to ensure it would pass the final inspection of her five and seven year old children. During the inspection it was noted that the paper was a good density of 17 bond weight, the typeface was festive, the glitter perfectly inserted, the merge label was setup correctly, the stamp value was accurate and the words were jolly while also comforting to the children because this letter would confirm that their message was received and that they would be paid a very exciting visit in just a few more sleeps.

The final inspection was going well until my colleague reached the bottom of the page. Her eyebrows lifted, the corners of her mouth began to curl and she began to laugh so hard the jolly elf himself would have been impressed. Then the tears soon followed. After what seemed to be a very long time, she shared with me her discovery. It turns out that all was going very well until the signature area. The letter was not signed by Santa but rather Satan. To this day, it continues to be my best personal learning that the ‘devil is most definitely in the details’.

Timely yours,


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