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Without contracts or costs, we commit to your success, one meeting at a time.The other day I saw a graphic of a coffee mug online that read, ‘I’m older than the Internet’. It made me laugh because I could relate! One of my last university essays was done on a Commodore 64, the earliest version of a personal computer. The internet was in its infancy in 1989. It fascinates me to think back to when it all first began and how, we started to learn about the power of this new world wide web together.

And we have certainly come a long way! During the last couple of decades, web technology has become integrated into our lives so deeply that it is hard to imagine not being constantly ‘connected’. Our ‘next gen’ young people don’t know anything different. They have always had, at their immediate disposal, the world’s entire accumulated knowledge just a click away.

In 1985 BI (Before Internet), our main source of knowledge was some version of the Encyclopedia Britannica and a traditional library. We worked solo to find the information we needed. The introduction of the internet brought along with it a new sense of collaboration. We also began to change our mindset around the ownership of information. 24/7 availability of information for all has balanced the power of knowledge. In the past, only a select few had the privilege of knowing more. Now that we have all been provided with the power and the means to contribute to an ever-changing world, this shift has increased accountability on the historical power base and challenged the status quo. It has empowered the individual.

If I had to reduce THG’s social platforms to one channel only, it would be Twitter. I prefer Twitter’s application of the global perspective of ‘the many’ in real time. When I followed the Boston marathon tweets and actually learned where the villains were hiding before CNN did, I realized at that moment that something had changed. We were all in it together.

Collaboration is at the heart of conference and meeting planning. A successful event relies on the expertise of many who have a common goal for excellence. Reliability and trust are imperative, as well as sharing and being open to another’s ideas. There is more than one way to produce a successful event.

In the spirit of working together, The Howes Group is excited to announce that we will be working with Freeman Audio Visual during the coming months to share technology insights with our community. Freeman works with groups of all sizes and budgets. During the hotel contract review process, we often include AV requirements and have become familiar with the spectrum of details and issues involved. We compiled a list of FAQs and the folks at Freeman were kind enough to respond and share their valuable insights.

This month we are providing Part 1 of 5 of a new column entitled Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs. Join us in the coming months and send us your questions. We have the technology (and amazing collaborators) to answer them!

Timely yours, Brenda

Viva Las Vegas! Extra! Extra! The Howes Group is thrilled to be announced as a finalist for the Cvent Plannie Awards (Savvy Sourcing Category).  We are heading to Las Vegas on June 15-18 for the Cvent CONNECT conference. Click here to check out the keynote speakers!  Wish us luck on Wednesday, June 17. #alreadywinners 

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