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Techno_Chat_Blog Teamwork and collaboration are absolute necessities for a successful conference. One of the key players on your team is the AV provider. In the spirit of collaboration and, given the many recent exciting advances in the AV world, Freeman Audio Visual has graciously shared information that can help you as a meeting planner navigate the myriad of event AV details.

A special ‘shout out’ to Brent Beatty, Ottawa Director of Sales for putting us in contact with Heidi Welker, VP of Marketing, Paolo DeBerardinis, Facilities Network Project Manager and Trish Richards, Communications Specialist at Freeman Audio Visual. Thank you all for your time and much-needed expertise!

Determining Bandwidth Requirements
Q: How much bandwidth do I need? What is a typical bandwidth usage for a conference?
A: Internet usage for each event is event-specific. There are no industry averages. A meeting planner will first need to determine density. Do you know your usage patterns?

During the initial conversation with a meeting planner, Freeman will develop a usage profile to help determine bandwidth needs for the event. This process allows them to customize a package that will fit usage and avoid annoying interruptions in online communication.

Here is a guide that will help you determine your profile:
Light – Email; general browsing; social posting (Twitter / Facebook).
Standard – Faster speed; stream down to Standard Definition video.
Premium – Further enhances Standard Package; able to download High Definition video; upload            Standard Definition video.
Ultra – Ability to download and upload HD video both ways.

Just like knowing your history for contracting a room block, it is highly recommended that you track your data usage from meeting to meeting. Freeman has developed a comprehensive post report which clearly details usage, right down to the individual device and where it surfed. Did participants post to social media? How many devices? Which sites? Did they use the event app? Facebook? Twitter? This is valuable information because it will also help you begin planning your next event and determine where to place your technical investments.

1. Track your data usage for each event.
2. Determine your density. How many devices do your delegates use?
3. Customize your requirements around your personal usage patterns.

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