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This month has five Thursdays which makes this post a BONUS!

The extra week in March gives us a BONUS week to bring you our April blog.  We ask the question, ‘What makes your conference irresistible to attendees?’  Jeanna will highlight five ‘fine print’ details you also don’t want to miss!

Looking forward to connecting next week Thursday @ 6:54 am!

Happy Spring!!

Timely yours, Brenda

PS.  In the spirit of our annual hastag #Sweet16 – the maple trees in Eastern Ontario are reporting a record sap run!  “Best in 25 years!”, producers are gleefully reporting.  Plus the light coloured syrup is bountiful this year which is a BONUS for those in Tokyo who prefer the light syrup to the darker (Amber), which most Canadians prefer.  Sweeeet!

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