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So How Busy Are You?How often in a day do you hear folks go on about how busy they are? For about six months now, I’ve made myself keenly aware of how often I say it. Turns out, I am as guilty as the next person for saying those same words.

September is back to ‘busy’. So much so that this blog is being finalized in the hours when most folks are eating. Is that because I don’t manage my time efficiently? Perhaps. Often I wonder how I get to be so busy and I know it is self-inflicted. My need and desire to produce results and advocate for others, which can be tied to self-worth, is high. I like being busy and so I am. It makes me feel worthy and gives me great satisfaction. However, when are we too busy?

Feeling overwhelmed due to the vast ‘to do’ list and commitments made is not the feeling we are going for. This happened to me the other day while dealing with Rogers. As a corporation, we have a business account and they were installing the Microsoft 365 that comes with my particular package. Turns out, the install wasn’t as smooth as they promised. It took two days and four hours to fix, which was more time than I had any interest in investing in this upgrade. The upside is that my level of frustration kick-started my motivation to find a solution – which I did!

Turns out, I have been over paying for Bell Canada and Rogers for over a year. While I would take the regular time to review my accounts, I do not have the time, experience (or patience) that my new friend Michael has. This is what he does all day – everyday: he negotiates on the clients’ behalf to lower payments to all of the major telecom companies. His company essentially does what we at The Howes Group do: save our clients’ time and money! (Insert Happy Dance!)

Being busy does have its personal benefits. However, being too busy does not serve us well. If you would like to know more about my new best friend Michael’s business and save yourself some dough, drop me a line.

If you would like to have professional assistance in finding venues and wading through the minutia of details in a hotel contract to uncover hidden value, reach out, we always have time for YOU! We love being busy.

Timely yours, Brenda

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