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Sleep Your Way to The Top

Two years ago, I had the pleasure to see Arianna Huffington speak about the importance of sleep. Her journey began when she found herself on the floor of her office after she had fainted from exhaustion. Since that episode, she has made it her mission to help others understand how important sleep is to our overall health, joy, productivity and ultimately our success.

When we invite delegates to a conference to learn and share, we hope they arrive in peak condition with a willingness to explore new ideas. Being overtired or sleep depraved limits that ability. Being locked up for hours in a conference room can also wreak havoc with our creativity. Great meeting planners understand that stimulation will generate energy and from that, innovation. Plan your conference like you would plan a buffet. Have something for everyone … the quiet, the thoughtful and the inquisitive.  Just like how a good night’s sleep can re-generate our minds, interesting choices in how we learn can do the same.

Sleep our way to the top? Yes we can. Let’s all take a nap.

Here is Arianna’s TED Talk. I hope it will inspire you to re-evaluate the merits of a good night sleep.

Timely yours,

P.S. During my August vacation (August 18-25) it is my sincerest hope to have some mid-day naps. I’ll be back and raring to go on Monday, August 28.

P.P.S. If you are planning to attend the IMEX America show in Las Vegas this October be sure to drop me a line. Love to have a chance to meet up.

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