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It is barely five thirty in the morning and I am at my desk writing the last newsletter for 2013. This time of day feels very special as much of the world around me is still resting and the ‘busy-ness’ of the day has not begun to roar to life. This time of day makes me feel wonderfully alone and connected, all at once. Being that this is for a ‘limited time only’, is perhaps why it feels so special. It really does feel like a gift. Gratitude, appreciation and the potential of all things possible, is a very powerful feeling. It is what I humbly believe to be what we all wish to experience at this holiday time of year.

Our work rewards us when we are able to create these moments in our meetings and conferences. It really is hard to put into words…it just is. One of my favourite things to say is ‘Stop! Take a moment’, as those special moments are fleeting and not meant to be a constant state.

It takes months and often years to bring together all the moving parts for that moment. All of the individual parts have a responsibility to each other for the collective result to be successful. It takes peak performance from those who do not even realize how important they are, to make it all come together. It is like opening up the back of an old pocket watch to see all of the pieces moving in unison, to create precision.

Our wish to you this holiday season is that the ‘Santa Clause’ is in all that you do this holiday season. It’s the contract that you have with yourself to ensure that you bring a wee bit of magic to everything you do!

Timely yours, Brenda

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