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As we close this year and decade, I have been reflecting on my annual word. For each of the last ten years, I have chosen a word to encapsulate a theme like tenacity, auspicious, propulsion, balance, steadfast. My word for 2020 is (drum roll please): ENVISION. This will be my personal reminder that we each see the world through different lenses shaped by our experiences which, coupled with our collective imaginations, allows us to create great events, experiences and educational opportunities.  

To reflect on the industry’s last ten years, it is astounding to see the investment and commitment of financial resources. Ten years ago the Vancouver Convention Centre opened their West building to align with the 2010 Olympics. Since then nine other amazing Canadian cities have welcomed new convention space. We are a force!

In Canada alone, our industry generates:

  • $33 billion annually in direct spending
  • Employs over 229,000 jobs directly attributable to business events
  • Generates $19.3 billion in direct GDP

Source: Meetings Means Business

Surely there will be a number of unknown factors which will disrupt and change our future. However, if the last decade is any indication I – ENVISION – the next ten years will add more to the social, structural and economic impact we collectively make by bringing people together: face-to-face. 

Timely yours, 

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